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BPFTP Client (Windows) / Downloading
 The files I download are often corrupt. What causes this?
 There are many possible causes of this: 1) If the filesize is exactly the same as the filesize of the remote file, then the remote file could easily be corrupt (ie, you're downloading a corrupt file). 2) If the local filesize is smaller than the one on the server, then you probably stopped the transfer before it actually finished. Quite often, the server will send a transfer complete message and it'll be received before the transfer has actually completed. To tell if the transfer has actually completed, check the status display at the bottom on the screen. 3) If the filesize is larger, then the server probably has problems resuming. It appears some servers accept the 'REST' (restore) command, but don't actually skip the part of the file you already have - therefore you'll end up with part of the file, with the rest of the file appended to it. 4) Another possibility is that you transferred a binary file in ASCII mode. At the right-hand side of the toolbar is this |A|B|A/B| - A is for ASCII, B is for binary and A/B is for automatic. I suggest you leave it in automatic mode.
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