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BPFTP Client (Windows) / Special Features
 What command line options does BPFTP offer?
 There are only minimal command line options currently, if you'd like something to be implemented on the command line then let us know. /D: will set the local directory to . The colon is optional. If the directory doesn't exist it will be created (but only if a file is actually transferred into it). /G will start transferring any files that are the queue when BPFTP first loads up (can be combined with /S). Basically, it just clicks the 'go' button for you automatically on startup. /Q will temporarily enable quit after download. This would be useful if you're running bpFTP as an event. By temporarily I mean it won't save it in the 'on download completion' options. /S: will load the session from file . Any files in the queue won't be processed automatically - if you want it to be processed then use /G as well. anything else prefixed with a slash is ignored. Apart from those two options you can specify FTP/http urls on the command line. You can specify as many as you want, and they'll all be transferred one after the other. Examples bpFTP.exe FTP:// /q will download /directory/file.ext from, and quit when the transfer has been completed. bpFTP.exe FTP:// FTP:// /dc:download will download /directory/file.ext from, /directory2/file2.ext from, and /dir/file.exe from into the directory c:download Hopefully that should explain the basics, if you have any problems or suggestions for other command line options then let us know.
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